Me as Tamagotchi

Me as Tamagotchi

I had trouble sleeping for quite a long time. For me, it's very easy to get distracted and not notice the time passing, only realizing it when the first rays of light would shine into my room or the first birds would start tweeting.

When our tutor asked us to self-design, I looked at my sleeping pattern as something that had bothered me for a while and could turn out to be an interesting design challenge, besides potentially beneficial for me and my health.

I started tracking my sleep with the help of health apps and a smart watch and noticed that my sleep was significantly longer and with higher quality when I would share the room with other people. Social presence made me more mindful of my own patterns, and I would feel pressure to go to sleep as soon as others started getting ready to do so. But what about the times where I wasn't with someone else at sleep time?

For having a constant reminder of myself and my habits, and made a digital version of me, like a self-tamagotchi. The app I made connects with my health app and knows how long I've slept or how much I ate, and based on that data it morphs my digital head to show the direct effects of my behavior. By looking at my morphed face, I was instantly reminded of my need of sleep or food.